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RE: LEFT OVER STRINGS by Laneylu412 11 years ago

Im not sure-I dont know what she used them for in the first place

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RE: LEFT OVER STRINGS by kangarcb 10 years ago

really, there is nothing you can do. I dont think u can make any knots with string that hasnt been knotted yet and is the size of a toothpick

RE: LEFT OVER STRINGS by love2sing 9 years ago

If they are long enough(3 or more inches) you can use them to make your bracelets adjustable like this:

It really works. Also, I heard someone threw the very small pieces into their yard for the birds to use in their nests, but that was yarn and therfire it was thicker. Hope that helps!!!!!!

RE: LEFT OVER STRINGS by Cheezte07 4 years ago

If you have left over string, there is a tutorial on this website and on YouTube. The video is called "Recycled embroidery Floss Necklace." and she uses the rings around soda/pop bottles, but in one of the steps she talks about making your scrap strings into a "Magician's Scarf"

In other words, you tie overhand knots and connect your scrap string until its really long.

I took this idea and moved it one step further; I made hair wraps from all of the scraps.
I had enough of these scrap hair wraps, That i thought, this would be really cool as a entire wig. I've been told that my hair would look really cool in dreadlocks so about two years later i finished the Dreadlock hat/wig,

It was so glorious for people to see what i made.

I'm trying to make a tutorial on Instructables of how to you guys can make one so others can recreate this project.

But you really don't have to make an entire wig from you scraps, you can use the principle idea to make necklaces/chookers, Lanyards, bookmarks and even eyeglass straps.

I hope this helps!

RE : LEFT OVER STRINGS by miss_jessy08 last year

I do rag rugs or alphas with a small amount of color

RE : LEFT OVER STRINGS by Hannah11 4 months ago

I use mine for some of the alphas because some colors (in the alphas) only have a few knots.

RE : LEFT OVER STRINGS by Fractoluminescence 23 days ago

I make a bracalet with straight strings with them. Looks something like this
Like, each l is a string without a knot and each o is a knot. You take two long strings that aren't leftover and go all the way across, then back with the same strings. The strings that don't make knots donxt need to be long, which is why I use leftover string.

Hope it helped if this wasnxt suggested already, and hope it was clear enough because it's difficult to explain


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