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  • 11/3/14


hello, world!
I'm 20 years of age and, after spending five or six years on this website without a membership, i, Cheezte07, thought it was time to be "part of the club" and become a member. The pronunciation of my name is sort of like "gazette"(like a type of newspaper) but with "Cheese" in front of it.(and yes, i modified the word "cheese" slightly.)

As corny as it is, I was taught how to do the art of friendship bracelets though a summer-time nanny (because I was a stubborn fifth grader and didn't like the term "baby-sitter"). Ever since she left for college, she's considered to be the "cool sister" that i never had, even now after 8 summers since her departure.

I must be doing something right in life. i'm an (mostly) "A" student in high school in West Michigan. Living in West Michigan is such a gift. We Michiganders have such a rich culture, and breath-taking beauty (in the nature as well as the people).

Here's a list of things in like!

Favorite colors: Orange, Brown, and Purple.

Favorite Books: the Camp Half-Blood Series (aka the Percy Jackson series), the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel series, the Last Apprentice Series (otherwise known in the UK as the "Spook" Series), Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments series.The Artemis Fowl series. the Bleach series(really popular in Japan) and the Pendragon Series, the Night Circus and the Wingfeaher Saga.

Favorite TV shows: Mythbusters, Duck Dynasty, Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon a Time, So You Think You Can Dance, Face Off, X-Flies, Babylon 5, Defiance, and Smallville, Timeless and just starting to get into the Walking Dead.

Favorite Animals: anything that isn't an insect, or that's disturbing in looks. So yes, I love animals that can possibly eat you/kill you (this includes Sharks and Mantis Shrimp)

In my spare time, (besides making FBs) I also knit, crochet, read, write, dance, and draw. Oh, I'm also a full-time student, (did I say that already?).