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Files Directory by TweedleDee 10 years ago

I've noticed that are a lot of "hidden" bits of information on this website, such as the BBCode chart, and the grid papers for normal patterns (the diagonal and knot-map). I think it would be quite helpful to have a button on the top for a "documents" directory, so that all of these can be found quickly and easily, without having to bookmark their pages.

RE: Files Directory by Rainbowsparkle 10 years ago

Love the idea! Much easier that searching it all the time!

RE: Files Directory by Stefan (moderator) 10 years ago

You're absolutely right! Can you give more examples of links/shortcuts that you want to see more of? I've seen these pages so many times that I've gotten blind... I can't come up with these ideas myself. Thanks for helping me out :)

Stefan, developer

RE: Files Directory by Kestrel 10 years ago

What about the pending patterns page? It (I found, anyway) was almost impossible to find til I could get a pattern that wasn't published, and the link you're given at that point gives the pending patterns. I couldn't seem to find it any other way? Whilst I've got it bookmarked now, maybe a few easier to find links for that would help?

RE: Files Directory by TweedleDee 10 years ago

Mostly I think it is just blanks for pattern creation that are hard to find, the code is easy enough (for the forum anyway, it's right there). There may be more, but this is what I could think of off-hand:

https://www.friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=114 (scroll down a bit for this one)


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