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(( Projects )) Making bracelets with a beading loom

So, I'd like to explain how to make a bracelet with beads using a hand-made beading loom.

The first thing you have to do is to make your beading loom. It's quite simple. Take a book and wind threads over it, leaving 2 or 3 millimeters for a bead. Make sure you wind them tight.

When it's over, make a knot.

Then take a needle. It should be thin so that it could go through a bead. Thread a needle and make a knot on the first thread of your loom (pic.1)

String several beads on the needle and pull the needle under the threads wound over the loom, turn a needle back and pull it through the beads but over the threads wound over the loom. (pic.2)

Keep going. (pic.3)

At the end of your work make a knot, turn the book over (the side, where you've made the knot at the beginning of your work) and cut the threads in the middle - they will be the straps of the bracelet.

Hope, I've made myself clear. If there's something you didn't get - write a message, I'll try to help.


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