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(( How to... )) Organize Your Patterns...

I use a small accordion file.. it has six slots.
In the first slot, I put my graph paper.
In the second slot, I put my patterns that have bent arrows
In the third, I put patterns that only have straight arrows.
In the fourth, I put alpha patterns
In the fifth, I print out tutorials and staple them together.
In the last, I put any extra stuff, like scissors and kumihimo boards.

This helped me get organized and I haven't lost the file since I bought it. If you are wondering where you can get a small accordion file, I bought mine at Target, but Walmart and any office stores should have one.

How to organize which patterns you have and which ones you don't:

This avoids confusion so you don't, say, print off the same pattern twice.
All you need is a little journal. You can go through all of your favorite patterns and print them off one by one. And as you print them off, write down the pattern number. Then organize the patterns as it says to do above.


The original author of this tutorial is megs53 but it was also edited by volleyballnlax and k_marie.

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