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(( Bracelets )) Laughing Tikis Friendship Bracelet

Here is a tutorial from Heathers Friendship Bracelets, I've also made a video but here is the written instructions too.


Made with 2 different colors arranged:
xxxx 12 21 xxxx
Threads listed as x can be any colour because they are never used for any knots.
Threads should be about 80" in length.
Threads should be prepared in the usual way folded in half.

1. Make 1 fk using the the middle threads. On the left side, make 4 bk and 1 bk/fk; on the right side make 4 fk and 1 fk/bk.
2. Using the middle threads, make 1 fk, then 1 fk and 1 fk/bk on the right.
3. On the left make 1 bk and 1 bk/fk, 1 fk.
4. Make 2 bk on the right.
5. Make 4 fk on the left side, 5 bk on the right.
6. Using the fifth thread on the right make 3 fk, 1 fk/bk; 1 bk, 1 bk/fk; 1 fk, fk/bk. On the left, make 3 bk, 1 bk/fk; 1 fk, 1 fk/bk; 1 bk, bk/fk.
7.Using the middle threads make 1 fk/bk on the right. On the left make 1 bk/fk.
8. Make 3 bk on the right and 3 fk on the left.


The original author of this tutorial is iheartmrbump but it was also edited by Foz and wildrose9.

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