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(( How to... )) Dreamcatcher

hello everyone, so today I've decided to make a tutorial of how to make a dreamcatcher. I know this is not a bracelet, but since you all are so talented, I'm a hundred percent sure you will find a way to use this in many original ways, for example like this:

a) if you are willing to make a small one, you can just simply use a key chain ring.
b) if you choose to make a bigger one you can use a bracelet which you don't need anymore or you could just make one out of a wire (this way you can make the circle as wide as you want)

Step one:
if you're using an already circle shaped material (like a bracelet or the ring of a key chain) move on to "step two"
But if you decided to use a wire, then first you have to make a shape of a circle. (you can connect the ends of the wire by simply using duck tape).

Step two:
choose a color of your base and use the Chinese Staircase to cover the circle.
you can find the tutorial for the Chinese Staircase here.
also, you can cover the base by twining the string around your base. (personally I like it more this way)

Step three:
now it's time to make the prettiest part of the whole dreamcatcher - the net in the middle of the circle. choose the string you will use (I recommend a thinner one) and use this scheme to make it:

by the way, you can add beads in the middle by tying them to the simple knot in the middle (this way it wil look more interesting)

Step four:
attach extra strings to the base and knot them in any pattern you want (if you're making it a bracelet)
otherwise all you need to do is to attach some strings and some feathers. the best way to attach feathers is to do it like this:

I hope this has helped, have fun!


The original author of this tutorial is Katerin .

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