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(( Buckle )) Half Hitch Knot

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1 - Half Hitch Knot Buckle

Half Hitch Knot Buckle

This variation on the bracelet buckle is made with two threads, used alternately.

Choose a pattern with an even number of threads for each colour and cut each thread twice as long as you would if you weren't starting with a loop ;-)
Make the threads you're going to use for the loop about 20 cm longer than the others. If your pattern uses 4 or more threads of one colour you might want to make the loop one colour - if it only uses 2 threads of each colour, go for a two-coloured loop.

Make a knot in the middle, and fasten it to a clipboard - or, like I did, pin it to the back of your ever-handy swivel chair.

In picture 1 I've already singled out the colours I'll be using for the loop; one pink and one purple.

In picture 2 the pink thread is used to make the first hitch of a backwards knot over all the threads, barring the purple.

In picture 3 the purple thread make the first hitch of a forwards knot over all the threads, barring the pink.

Continue alternating knots with pink and purple for about 3 cm. Unpin it, undo the knot, bend the whole thing over to create a buckle and continue knotting!


The original author of this tutorial is spiffehgymnast but it was also edited by Lovemenot, Foz, Sareana, Ducttape10, Jeckle, Kestrel and Alicat.

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