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(( Bracelets )) Tube Bracelet

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Alternate Tutorial
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Alternate Tutorial 2
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This is a tutorial about the tube bracelet, in this case with stripes. The pattern we will be tubing is #1
This is the pattern chart for the bracelet:
You start by doing the first row, like you would for any bracelet. Do the second row like normal as well. Now, before starting the third row, take your yellows that did not knot this row, and tie them together. The bracelet will look slightly weird now, but that's ok. Now do row #3 as normal ,but when you get to row #4, tie the blue strings that werent used together. Continue that pattern until your bracelet, bookmark, keychain, or whatever it is you are making is done.
This photo, from user zizalka's site (http://naramky.info) shows how it should look

Alternate Tutorial

Are you still confused? This Explanation explained it to me really well (The link may not work, if so, go to naramky.info and look for the pattern-thanks to moushtie and fluffernutters for pointing that out!)
Hope you enjoyed!

Alternate Tutorial 2



If you want more tube patterns, here are a few:
"boxes",, also from Zizalkas site
Pattern #888 follow the instructions above, but substitute this pattern chart
I will add more later!! Comment if you have ideas


Here is a video tutorial that explains it well:


The original author of this tutorial is Laneylu412 but it was also edited by summergirl3, k_marie and Alicat.

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