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(( Projects )) Phone Case Tutorial By: Sareana

Warning : This project takes a very large amount of string!!
[u]ATTENTION: this tutorial is not for the beginner or intermediate Knotter!!
Please read this fully and check out the links before starting.[/u]

You will need to know how to do macrame and (string substitution method) alphas, because i do not use the "letter" strings to knot with in this tutorial.

First of you need to know the dimensions of your phone or what ever you want to make a case for.
And then by looking at past alpha works, figure out about how many strings you need to equal the dimensions of your phone plus a Centimeter or 3 more. Just so your phone can slide into it easily.
I keep my drivers license and phone in mine. lol!!

So get out your handy dandy measuring tape ( I suggest a cloth one , you can find them at most craft and fabric shops) and if you do not have a cloth measuring tape you can use string to measure the dimensions of your phone, and then measure the string to get the right dimensions + your centimeters.

Then you need to figure out what pattern you want to use .
I picked my dragon pattern A28702. Then I added 13 rows to the top and bottom of it to make it as long as I need and 4 onto the left side 3 on the right.((and the blue squares at the top of my pattern are my "count" squares and are spaced 5 strings apart just so i could easily see how many more knots i would need and is not part of the actual pattern))

You will have to figure out how big your pattern will have to be to match the dimensions of your phone.

I used larks head knots to attach 30 strings (approximately 3 ft long , and doubled for the larks head, which gives me the 60 strings I need for my phone case) to another string which I tied about my clip board so when done the flap will have a straight edge.

Once you have the flap done you will need to start on the macrame. The macrame is needed as a hinge between the back alpha and the front cover flap , to let the flap flex , as alphas are just too stiff. And it is the reason why the strings need to be 3 ft so when doubled over it gives you 1 1/2 ft to tie the Macrame hinge.

The more strings included in each square knot for the hinge, effects how much wave will be in the back cover alpha when you begin to tie, the smaller the string combination the smaller the wave and the less rows you have to tie before the alpha straightens !!

the alternating square knots (depending on string combination) can take a lot of string to tie, and you need enough string left over from the hinge to tie your back cover alpha onto them with at least 6 inches of string left hanging after the back alpha cover is tied.

Again the amount of macrame you need depends on you own phone.

(NOTE) sometimes one end or the other will have one or two extra strings ,. Just keep them to the outside and include them in the outside knot.

Here are two site links and diagram figures to explain how I make the hinge.
And here is another tutorial explaining how similar macrame knots are made just for another explanation.

For the hinge I used the string combination of (1,1,1) as shown in the diagram below, and i suggest this string combination as it gives you the least amount of wave in the back cover alpha when you begin to tie it, but you can use any string combination you like.

below is a example of the unwanted wave

Once you have your hinge, to the size you want you start tying alpha rows till the alpha is straight. It will be wavy for about 1 to 6 rows depending on how good your tension is and the number of strings you used for each square knot. the more strings included in each square knot for the hinge, effects how much wave will be in the alpha when you begin to tie, the smaller the string combination the smaller the wave and the less rows you have to tie before the alpha straightens !! So make sure to take this into account with the alpha pattern you've chosen for the back of your phone case.

So once its straight start your pattern!
Again I'm using my dragon pattern A28702, altered to make it large enough for what i needed as stated at the beginning of this tutorial.

I'm tying the hinge and the back alpha pattern and will add in a photos when its done.

Once you have your chosen alpha pattern for the back done you will start on the front macrame cover .
(see above links, we are using the same technique we used for the hinge.)

I used 51 strings cut 4 feet long, then I folded them in half and used a larks head knot to attach them to a 6=(2,2,2) string braid, then i separated the attached strings into groups of 6, which equals 3 larks head knots. once i had all the strings separated into groups of 3 larks heads each i tied each group into a square knot with the string combination of (2,2,2) giving me 17 square knots along the top. once i had all the starting square knots made, i spaced them slightly apart then stitched them down so they would not slide along the braid

Then you begin the alternating square knots , that will create the front, side and bottom cover.

Finished front/side and bottom cover

So when your done making your two needed pieces you should have something that looks like these two photos


i left the strings hanging on both of these for a reason
once i had both of those made i simply stitched down both sides, connecting the two pieces. then i took the strings hanging at the bottom of the case
( the strings from the front cover made of square knots and the alpha back cover,and cover flap)
and separated them out so i had some of the strings from both pieces grouped together.
then i made a over hand knot with each grouping, which sealed the bottom. :)

A hint for sewing alphas , if you look at your alpha piece you can see two spots where your needle can easily be pushed threw the knots here is a photo

i prefer to slip the needle between the rows, it makes a cleaner less visible stitch

if you have any questions send me ( Sareana ) a PM! :)


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