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(( How to... )) Portable Way to Work/Store your Bracelets

Table of contents
1 - Assembling the case
2 -
Completing Bracelets
3 -
Photos of Completed Case
If you need a portable and cool way to travel while creating your bracelets or you just want an easy way to store and work on patterns, try this:

Assembling the case

You need:
*A Three Ring Binder (I used a 2inch)
*A hole-puncher
* Embroidery thread
*Large Pencil-Type Case that can be attached to the rings of a three ring binder
*(Optional) Scissors

1. Take the 3 ring binder (I used a 2inch)
2. Select and print patterns
3. Hole-punch patterns and put them in the binder
(Optional). Pre-cut the embroidery thread
4. Put the embroidery thread and (optional) scissors in the pencil case
5. put the pencil case in the binder in front of the patterns

Completing Bracelets

You Need:

*Your Case
*Embroidery Thread to match pattern

1. Tie colors onto the top ring of the three ring binder in front of your pattern
2. Complete Pattern
(If you are taking a break just put the tail of the thread through the ring and pull until none of the thread hangs out of the binder)
3. When you're done with the pattern, knot it and un clip the string from the binder and slide the knot through the loop to fasten.

Photos of Completed Case

*NOTE* I've been using the same binder for bracelets for a looong time and before that it was a science binder for a year... so it's pretty worn out!

Front view

Inside view


Bracelet in progress



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