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Hi, I'm Paula :) I was born in 1994 and I live in Croatia.

Here's a short story on how I started making friendship bracelets.

When I was little girl, me and my brother and sister used to spend summer holidays in my grandparents' place (we still do, but less frequently). House is placed next to the sea (literally) and has a large garden with many trees, fruits and vegetables. Anyways, typical Mediterranean garden :)

For us, it was like a heaven to be there and play and swim all day long.

Also, our 3 cousins used to come there. As they were older than us, they had to babysit us. Therefore, they started making friendship bracelets for us from grandma's sewing thread to keep us calm. We had all kinds of colourful bracelets on our wrists and we wore them all summer until they would fall off :D

However, as we grew up, we got obligations and cousins ceased coming. Years passed by, and I forgot about the friendship bracelets. It remained just a sweet childhood memory...

Until summer 2013 when I finished high school I had so much free time that I decided to learn how to make bracelets like my cousins did years ago. At that time, I had no idea how are these bracelets called or how to make them. After some failed attempts and some googling, I finally managed to make friendship bracelet by myself :D

And that's how it began ^^

Since then I made lots of bracelets, mostly for my family, friends and of course me.
I'm planning to start selling them but the problem is that I'm too emotionally attached to every bracelet I make XD
But one day I will be selling them surely!

Anyways Dear Reader, congrats for reading this long description and thank you for your time! <3
If you have any questions or just need someone to chat, feel free and send message to me.

Don't forget to check out my work ;)