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  • 1/12/14


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to an other: What! You too? Thought I was the only one ..."

Hello everyone, pleased to meet you :)
My name is Amy and I'm from France (btw, sorry for my english, I hope it's understandable :/).
I'm 20, and I discovered friendship bracelets a few years ago. And I felt in love with them :D I can't stay one week without knotting, it's as simple as that. It's crazy ... But anyway, I looooooooove this site so much, and people here are awesome :)
Sooo, thank you for checking my page, do NOT hesitate to comment my pictures if there is something wrong (or even if you like them, it's possible too :3), I want to improve my skills, and it means so much to me <3
I wish you luck, joy, health, love, happiness, a great day, everything ... and also wonderful homemade bracelets ;)
Bonne journee <3