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  • 9/22/13


Hi hi everyone, I have been doing this for over a year now and I love it!

I live in the Netherlands and do this mainly as a hobby. I sometimes sell or give away as presents but that bassicly means I have way to many bracelets. My biggest problem is my love for jewelry is not easy to comprahend. I Like chokers and such and that was one of the reasons I started doing this. If you chose the right colors and the right patterns you can make great ones. Problem is it takes way to much time!!!

Each pattern with 6 to 18 strings I like I make 5 different versions from whit different colors and such. I believe that is the best way to show of a patterns true beauty.
I also make patterns whit more strings but only ocassinally. they take more time and let me fall in love easier....

I love using different colors but my Own colors, which can also be found in my clothing are Red Black and gray, and White Black and Gray, I love working with blue but up till recently I could not waer it myself.
I have one really big problem I just cant seem to work whit green even bigger finding the color green is difficult. Even so I am trying!

Do you know what I find myself wondering??? Probably not. Since I started this hobby I came across a few patterns and without even really thinking about it or trying to I adjusted the patterns to something new. Actually all the patterns i uploaded came to be that way. Just from on pattern I made a lot of different ones.

I uploaded some Patterns and all of them can be combined in one way or another so I say lets try it<3

Thanks for reading<3