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Hi, my name is Marianne, I'm in my early twenties. A proud Filipina and currently working at an IT company. Pink girl, singer-song writer, craft-a-holic, frustrated blogger and novelist.

My love for friendship bracelet making is something that I can't explain. It started with curiosity, a hobby, passion and hopefully business. :)

All my life I believed that I don't have the "creative juice" in me. But when I found out about bracelet making, I was a bit wrong. ;)

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http://thegirlinpinkchucks.blogspot.com/ ~ Personal Blog
https://www.facebook.com/ianneross ~ Facebook (personal)
http://twitter.com/pinkieross ~ Twitter
http://instagram.com/pinkieross ~ Instagram
pinkieross.tumblr.com ~ Tumblr

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Email me: pinkieross.friendshipbracelet@yahoo.com

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