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  • 5/1/13


Hello everyone :)

My name is Katka, I am from Czech republic, working as an accountant.

Since I was moderator on this page for a while, I really appreciate the work all mods are doing, it really takes time to keep this page alive. I love that I returned here after few years, to see it's (almost) the same as it used to be. Thank you!

I love going through the gallery, because you all post beautiful bracelets there, and it's very inspirational for me. I also admire all the beautiful patterns, which can be found here. Thanks to the creators :)

As many others, I am also "APAP supporter" - it means "all patterns a picture". No matter how it looks, every pattern deserves a photo! I like knotting patterns, which don't have a picture yet.

Beside bracelet making, I like listening to a metal music, my favourite is power metal. I like reading, too, mostly fantasy and sci-fi books. I also like photography, I dream of taking photos, that will just make you "WOW". My new-old big hobby is belly dancing.

Other hobbies: crocheting, cross-stitching, baking and playing League of Legends.

Keep knotting ;)