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I LOVE Bad Lip Reading on YouTube. Definitely check them out! I'm loving their Edward & Bella video. For some reason, it makes me really laugh. If the movies were really like this, I'd pay to go see them for sure haha. Based on the voiceovers, Rob and Kristen actually seem like they're displaying emotion when they act. I still love Rob...just not in those horrible movies. xD

Here's a little info about me:

-English accents are my FAVORITE
-I'm a new Lostie. I love Charlie, Faraday, Desmond, and Sawyer :)
-Not a one direction fan.
-I'm very sarcastic
-I have A LOT of pet peeves. A top contender is when people don't know their homonyms.
-I prefer summer over winter
-I love the show Big Brother
-I love reading..if you have any suggestions for me I'd love to hear them (but nothing like the Twilight saga because I really didn't like them)
-I used to be psycho in love with the Harry Potter series
-My favorite color is green. My room is painted 3 shades of green :p
-I've had a HUGE crush on Rob Pattinson ever since he jumped out of that tree in HP and the GoF lol.
-My favorite show by far is Nurse Jackie
-I also love the show Psych
-I have a dog named Boots because her paws make her look like she has boots on :P
-I like making normal patterns over alphas
-I'm a huge procrastinator
-Not a fan of all these recent boy bands. I still love me some NSync, Backstreet Boys, LFO, and 98 degrees :)
-I want to major in nursing..probably work in trauma as an RN.
-I'm still trying to figure out why twilight fans like to call themselves twi-hards...just sounds stupid =/
-I love to drive. I have a mustang...I want a civic :p
-I can't live without my iPod Touch :O
-I hate when people call it an iTouch -.-
-I text fast...but not while I'm driving :D
-I drive fast...but not while I'm texting :p
-I'm a dog person but love all animals...unless you count spiders as animals then no, I don't love all animals.
-I've had 3 pet rats. I want some more :)
-Absolutely HATE getting dressed up for formal events >.<
-Love science. Hate math, english, and history.

Wow, I could go on forever but I guess I'll stop here :P