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"In The Name of God"

Welcome to my profile!

everything about Faliza you need to know:

after loving God, my family specially my mom,my good friends and my kittens(Ninool,Wiki,Nisham,Misha,Panda,Gilo and Golbaft)........ I love art<3 <3 <3!!
I can say I tried lots of fields of art...Painting....violin playing....weaving GILIM which is one of Iran,My country,famous work of art.....weaving Carpet (just know a little).....making dried flower boxes....making bracelets....
if I wanna tell you my story,I have to say....

Once upon a time......
when I was a school student I started making beaded loom bracelets with an unusual instrument no one knew what it was!!I read the instruction and although it was unclear I got that metal instrument to use!!
it was my job to spend hours ,generating patterns and making bracelets!!
years after that....one summer I met someone who knew how to make friendship bracelets and she gave me this site address...
it took hours to make a very simple bracelet the first time!!!
from that time on I'm making bracelets nonstop!!
and hours I'm making knots are the best moments in my life!!
if I wanna put myself in a level :I'm in my high intermediate level in bracelet making...know how to tie normally,diagonally and now in section knotting!I'm in love of celtic patterns ....<3
Kumihimo's and Normal's are my favorites and if I have any order I would make simple and multi colored alphas's too...

I do love surfing this site...really addicted to it!

communicating with people is my hobby this way we can share cultures and customs!
I have lots of good friends in here now and I hope to make some more!so feel free to PM me...

some of my tutorials:

to ending up a braid instead of a big knot use this one:

>>> http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2686

to have a V-shaped ending look at:

>>> http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2719

to make a chamois bracelet out of square knot look at:

>>> http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2330

to End your bracelets in loop:


thanks for visiting my page

and.........if you spent your time reading this.....u waste your time and energy!!
you'd better make a bracelet instead of reading long profiles!!(joking);-)