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Hello, my name is Amber and I just love weaving friendship bracelets. I live in Southern California. The #1 question I get asked here is, "how do I put those end brackets on the ends of your bracelets?" Here is the answer.

I found all the supplies at Michaels Arts and Crafts near the jewelry wire section. The metal brackets are sometimes called "end brackets", "crimp brackets" or "buckles." They are maliable metal brackets that basically crimp / wrap around the threads. You can also find all these supplies on Ebay or Joannes Fabrics. I also heard these brackets can also be found at Walmart, but I've never seen them there myself.

Here are the steps:

1. Take 26 gadge beading wire and wrap the loose threads first the same lengh as the bracket you are using. Make sure the wrap is super tight when you wrap those threads. You do not necessarily have to do this step, but I have found that by wrapping the threads first, it secures the threads tightly and anchors the end brackets firmly when you crimp.

2. Take the end bracket and place it over the wired threads. Take needle nose pliars and crimp the metal bracket around the wired threads. This will secure the brackets perfectly.

3. Using needle nose pliars, install "O" rings. I use the 6mm size. Some manufactuers also call these "jump rings".

4. Attach your lobster claw clasp or whatever buckle device to one of the sides that will attach to the other side of the "O ring". Viola, your done!



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