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  • 8/23/12


Heey Pe-pe-people :D

I don't know if you're interested or not,but here are a few facts about me:

14,turning 15 on May,2014 :3
Form Buenos Aires,Argentina
Football lover (not playing,just watching it :P)
Directioner <3
Coldplayer :3
Fan of Skrillex,Knife Party & Nero (Yup, i think i like electronic music :D)
Adicted to alphas :3
Like having friends from other countries ^^
Umm...err..like you noticed,like talking / writing :P

My knotters/idols on here:
Foz,KnotterHolic,PamelaTee,just_knot_itXd,Loki_Lo,Eric,purplegoldfish,Allkoo,ILikeTrains,Socair,Archer,imcrazy4kittens,ScruffyPup,Chinagal914,AshLynn1994,Veri,Puu(i REALLY like her rings) aand thats all :3 (i think,if i forgot someone is my bad memory :D)

Now trying: A43392 :D

Okays,that's enough :D

See you & keep on knotting :33

PS: If youu have any questions or just want to talk PM me :3
PSPS: I can be a translator to spanish,PM me too if you need it :P