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  • 4/20/10


hey i'm erinnn(:

50 nifty facts about me:

1. I am in love with purple <3 best color everr
2. I am afraid of clowns thanks to a scary story my friend told me :(
3. I play softball but i would play baseball if the team would have more girls on it... but i guess playing with a bunch of guys isnt so bad... especially when you're better than them :)
4. I love having my nails painted bright obnoxious colors!! haha soo fun!
5. I wonder what people would do if i died tomorrow...
6. I hate rules and never follow them.
7. I color outside the lines :0
8. I am in love with taylor swift!! (not that way!) i listen to her non-stop alll day
9. I started making bracelets when I was 8, I'm 13 now
10. I love doing voulenteer work and raising money for research hospitals and animal shelters
11. My toenails have zebra print right now :)
12. Most of my teachers hate me because i'm too loud and talk too much and on top of that i don't do homeworkk.... oh well
13. Taylor Swifts favorite number is 13 :) and no that does not have to do with me but thats ok
14. I would love to be a model but my mom said noooo:(
15. I am very lazy and barely do anything productive unless it's something i want
16. I trip over everything and walk into walls
17. My favorite number is 17
18. I have 2 kitties and a dog
19. The sound of nails on a chalkboard gives me the shivers and i have to leave the room
20. I am obsessed with yummy lip gloss :)
21. I am going to be the world's best pastry chef when I am old enough!! :)
22. I have never been to Disney
23. I am horrible at math
25. I have a boyfriend :)
26. i always start bracelets but get tired of them and never finish haha :)
27. I don't understand how my best friends think that i'm somewhat normal :P
28. If I met Taylor Swift I would cry
29. Did you notice that I forgot 24?
30. I like to draw
31. I entered the Doodle for Google contest this year
32. most people I meet think that I'm annoying
33. Taylor Swift's birthday is exactly 1 week before mine!! :)
34. I am outgoing
35. I live in Pittsburghh :)
35. I hate living here
36. its hard for me to type like a normal person cuz im used to txt-talk
37. I like to do photography
38. I looooove fashion!
39. I like to play with different styles and types of make up
40. I can NOT leave the house without at least eyeliner and mascara
41. I <3 converse
42. I want to learn how to drive
43. Greek mythology is the most retarded thing we had to learn this year. I HATE it
44. My middle name is Noelle cuz I was born 5 days before christmas
45. I love headbands!! I wear one every day
46. I love the book 20 Boy Summer :) soo sad but amazingg!!
47. I read a book every day and a half to 2 days in the summer
48. I don't want summer to everrrr end :)
49. I hate when i don't get what I want.
50. I can wiggle my ears :)

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