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  • 6/17/09


I go by Drea (drey-uh) but you may also call me Kohleria. Please feel free to address me by those names, or by using any pronouns of your choice. I am around 23 years old and am living in California in the USA. I?m studying biology, horticulture, agriculture, and environmental science, but I?m also educated in computer science and have three degrees in illustration, graphic design, and multimedia design.

My interests include the subjects of the above studies as well as writing and roleplaying, robots, videogames, programming, plant taxonomy, dog training, cooking, playing music, camping, biking, crafts, and many other things. You are always free to ask me about what I like and don?t like.

I am a big fan of Mega Man but I also like Transformers, Toriko, Dragon Quest (Monsters), Starfighter, Brave Police, and Pokemon, to name a few others.

I have been making friendship bracelets for many many years. They are great for relieving stress and helping with my anxiety.