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Hi, everyone! I don't know if you're reading my page, but if you are, then might as well tell you a little something about me. I'm a bookworm. An ultimate one to be exact. I love dystopian books, like The Hunger Games Trilogy and the Divergent Trilogy. :) What else? I'm a writer. Fanfiction, actually. Never wrote a book in my whole life ;) Oh, and, as you can see, I love using emoticons. :D I love photography too. I also love Adventure Time. I just love it's insanity ;) I'm also an Avatard. For both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, doesn't really matter. ;) And, the last piece of info I'll put here, quite obvious, really, is my love for friendship bracelet making. Easy or hard, I'm not one to shy away from any pattern. Especially those symbol alphas, or anything that has anything to do with The Hunger Games or Divergent, really ;D