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"Don't let anybody tell you that you're not LOVED and don't let anybody tell you that you're not ENOUGH. There are days when we ALL feel like we're messed up, but the truth is that WE'RE ALL DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH.
So don't be ashamed to wear your crown, You're a KING, you're a Queen, INSIDE AND OUT! What ever you've been told, YOU'RE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD!!" put this on your page if you believe every word of this <3

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I LOVE making friendship bracelets. And I wear them all the time. I also love music as you can tell :D I'm a
newbie but I am awesome at making and generating my own bracelets (I take requests!). I enjoy crocheting and knitting and also weaving. I am also a huge fan of Demi Lovato and Britt Nicole. My two fave celebs :D And Carrie Underwood too. And OK, Kelly Clarkson. I also adore animals! If a movie comes out about any animal on earth, I have to be there! :D I'm also a Christian and LOVE Christian music! I have an older brother and sister, My favorite cartoon is Snoopy (I love that little dog!) I'm 15 and I can make anything out of anything :D I also update my info on music like every week if I find new songs or artists I like!
My favorite color is pink and I wear glasses but only for reading. Plus I take it as a complement when people call me a geek or a nerd :D I'm also home-schooled so half of my day is full music and song writing! That's right, I'm a star in training! My mom always says, "Learn to play the guitar and write songs, and watch out Carrie Underwood!"

I also like to talk about random things.
I also love . . .
1. Music
2. Animals (of all kind)
3. Drawing
4. Making bracelets
5. Funny movies
6. Scrap booking
7. Crocheting
8. Knitting
9. Singing (not that I'm really good or anything :D)
10. Nail art ( I'm like a pro )
11. CHOCOLATE! lol
12. Syfy channel (my fav channel EVER!)
13. PUNS! (I know a ton!)
14. dancing
15. Video games
16. Baking (my cookies and white cake are pretty famous!)
17. Hot chocolate (I drink it every single morning!)
18. I LOVE NANCY DREW!!! (especially the computer games)

The reason My username is MusicLover04 is because I love music! Music is my life and I don't know where I would be without it. Music has always been there for me when I was alone or scared or mad and happy. I have always been on my own from the time I was five. I didn't have any friends growing up and when I was ten I got my first MP3 player and have just recently gotten a new one. My favorite styles of music are Pop, Pop/Rock, Country, Country Rock, Inspirational, Pop R&B, Country Pop, Christian Pop and my favorite artists are listed above but I'll list them again anyway cause I'm awesome like that :D Along with some unmentioned artists.
And even though I'm a girl, I LOVE video games! I like to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Party 8. I also like to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Plants vs. Zombies. I even made Plants vs. Zombies patterns so check them out!!

Megan and Liz
Megan Nicole
Demi Lovato
Carrie Underwood
Rascal Flatts
Lindsey Stirling
Tiffany Alvord
Britt Nicole
Capital Kings
Kelly Clarkson
Martina McBride
Jennette McCurdy
Jessica Andrews
Skyler day
Kari Jobe
Francesca Battistelli
Holly Starr
Meredith Andrews
Bridget Mendler
Lauren Alaina
Slumber Party Girls
Addison Road
The Cheetah Girls (yes I'm corny like that!)
Katherine McPhee

Favorite Songs:

Megan and Liz:
A Girl's life
Princess Charming
Maybe Possibly
Happy Never After
Bad For Me
Rest Of You
Run Away
How To Love (cover)
World's Gunna End
Are You Happy Now?
Long Distance
Like I Would
Sunset Somewhere
Closer To Me
Love You Like A Love Song (cover)
Domino (cover)
Hummingbird Heartbeat (cover)
I Like It Like That (cover)
Release You

Megan Nicole
Starships feat. Lindsey Stirling (cover)
The Lazy Song (cover)
Super Bass feat. DeStorm (cover)
Summer Forever

Demi Lovato:
Made In The USA
Two Pieces
In Case
Without The Love
Really Don't Care feat. Cher Lloyd
Who's That Boy
After Shock
Give Your Heart A Break
You're My Only Shorty
Two Worlds Collide
Here We Go Again
Believe In Me
The Gift Of A Friend
One And The Same
All Night Long
Get Back
Got Dynamite
World Of Chances
Remember December
So Far So Great
What To Do
Work Of Art
Moves Me
Yes I Am
Catch Me

Made In America
Believe It
Blow/Till The World Ends/Where Dem Girls At/Backseat mashup
Call Me Maybe (cover)
Firework (cover)
Mirrors (cover)

Carrie Underwood:
Play On
Some Hearts
The Night Before (Life Goes on)
Blown Away
Two Black Cadillacs
Good Girl
See you Again
Whine After Whiskey
Cowboy Casanova
Get Out Of This Town
So Small
Flat On The Floor
You Won't Find This
Don't Forget To Remember Me
Mama's Song
All American Girl
I Just Can't Live A Lie
I Told You So
Just A Dream
Last Name
Before He Cheats
Undo It
Someday When I Stop Loving You
Songs Like This
This Time
Look At Me
Cupid's Got A Shotgun
Ever Ever After
One Way Ticket
Thank God For Home Towns
Good In Goodbye
Starts With Goodbye
Sometimes You Leave

Rascal Flatts:
These Days
My Wish
What Hurts The Most
Summer Nights
Everyday Love
Praying For Daylight
Life Is A Highway
Waiting All My Life
The Words I Couldn't Say
The Day Before You
Things That Matter
Better Now

Lindsey Stirling:
On The Floor (cover)
Spontaneous Me
Song Of The Caged Bird
Moon Trance
Starships feat. Megan Nicole (cover)
Radioactive feat. Penitonix (cover)

Tiffany Alvord:
My Heart Is
The Breakdown
Baby, I Love You
So Alive
Want U Back (cover)
Never Lover Boy

Britt Nicole:
The Lost Get Found
Walk On The Water
How We Roll
Ready Or Not (feat. Lecrae)
All This Time
Look Like Love
Still That Girl
Welcome To The Show
Set The World On Fire
Sunshine Girl
Amazing Life
Hanging On
When She Cries
Don't Worry Now

Capital Kings:
Born To Love feat. Britt Nicole
Tell Me
You'll Never Be Alone
We Belong As One feat. TobyMac
I Feel So Alive
Be There
Ready For Home
All The Way

Find Yourself In You
What's Beautiful
I Could Get Used To This
Where You Are
Coming Home
Go Figure
Coffee At Midnight

Kelly Clarkson:
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
Dark Side
You Love Me
Already Gone
My Life Would Suck Without You
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Mr. Know It All
A Moment Like This
Since U Been Gone
Because Of You
Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)
Catch My Breath
You Can't Win
People Like Us
Don't Rush feat. Vince Gill
Tie It Up

Martina McBride:
So Magical
Independents Day
In My Daughter's Eyes
She's A Butterfly
This One's For The Girls
How Far
I'm Gonna Love You Through It
Concrete Angel

Jennette McCurdy:
Not That Far Away
Homeless Heart
Generation Love
Me With You
So Close
Put Your Arms Around Someone

Jessica Andrews:
Who I am
Helplessly, Hopelessly
Summer Girl

Skyler Day:
The Man Of My Dreams
Next Time
Home To You

Kari Jobe:
You Are For Me
Steady My Heart
I'm Singing
Find You On My Knees
You Are For Me

Francesca Battistelli:
Free To Be Me
It's Your Life
Beautiful Beautiful
Blue Sky
Someday Soon
This Is The Stuff
Behind The Scenes
Hold Out For Love
My Paper Heart

Cross The Line
Rock What You Got
So Beautiful
Stand In The Rain
We Live
One More

Never Alone
One More Round
Come Alive
I Need You To Love Me
Beautiful Ending
Million Voices
Let Go
Sing Me A Love Song
Average Girl
5 Minutes Of Fame
Stay With Me
Time For You To Go
Running Out Of Time
I Believe In Love
The Guy Song
Song For The Broken
Hope Will Lead Us On
(BarlowGirl's Last song)

(On October 24, 2012, BarlowGirl announced they will retire the band. I miss them already!)

Holly Starr:
Don't Have Love
I Love You Anyway
Let Go

Meredith Andrews:
You're Not Alone
Can Anybody Hear Me
Not For A Moment
Draw Me Nearer

Bridget Mendler:
Ready Or Not
This Is My Paradise
You're Something Beautiful
Hold On For Dear Love
Rock At My Window

Lauren Alaina:
Georgia Peaches
She's A Wildflower
Growing Her Wings
The Middle
Dirt Road Prayer
Barefoot and Buckwild

Slumber Party Girls:
Make A Wish
The Texting Song
Dance With Me
I Got Your Back
Summer's Gone
Good Times

Addison Road:
Fight Another Day
Hope Now
This Little Light Of Mine
This Could Be Our Day

The Cheetah Girls:
Step Up
Dance Me If You Can
Cheetah Love
Route 66
What If
The Party's Just Begun
Dig A Little Deeper
So Bring It On

Katherine McPhee:
Open Toes
I Will Be There With You
Love Story
I Had It All
I Lost You
Keep Drivin'
Let Your Heart Sing
Over It
Say Goodbye
Not Ur Girl
All I Need Is You

Favorite quotes and sayings:
"No I won't turn and run, This battle will be won cause I will STAND."
"No matter what you've been told, You're worth more than GOLD."
"Lift up your eyes and see, The sun is rising"
"Love out loud"
"I wanna look like love, be more than just enough for the hearts that are broken, coming undone, It's up to you and me to leave a legacy. If we're all they ever see, I want to Look Like Love"
"Would you waste everything you had for only 5 minutes of fame?"
"I Decide What's Beautiful, Not The Public Eye"
"Perfection Is My Enemy"

My favorite animals are Cheetahs, Tigers and Leopards. They are the most beautiful animals on earth!
I also LOVE monkeys! They are so cute!

I also own a little chocolate brown Chihuahua named Luna <3
I'm a Texas girl so I love The Cowboys and Rangers!

I'm also a very crafty person. I LOVE crafts <3
I'm learning how to play the guitar and hope to learn how to play the piano sometime soon.
I also love making new friends so pm me if you want a new friend! <3
And one more thing to know not only about me but about you and every one else on this beautiful earth, is to always remember, No matter what you've been told, "You're Worth More Than GOLD"