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  • 3/14/12


I started making friendship bracelets about a year ago, because I thought it would be something fun to do with my daughter. So I found this site and bought some floss, and using the awesome tutorials on here I taught myself how to make them. My daughter didn't take to it at all, but I absolutely loved it :-)

I started off making simple patterns like candy stripe and chevrons, and then I had an idea to make my bracelets totally individual by making bead charms from polymer clay to attach to them. The beads I make are called Scotch Bears, named after my daughter's favourite teddy and in his likeness. I made the bracelets for her to start with so she could take her teddy everywhere with her, without fear of losing the precious original! Her friends loved her bracelets so much I was soon making them their own bracelets. I now make normal and alpha bracelets and get new ideas all the time. This site is great for inspiration - I love it so much, and there are some awesome knotters on here.

Thanks so much guys for teaching me a great hobby :-) x