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<<< Look, a photo of me. Yes, I play the ukulele.

I like all forms of needlwork, and so therefore, I have a big stash of embroidery floss. I use to do quite a bit of cross stitching and just could never get rid of all that extra floss. I then learned how to do embroidery on cards, so out came my floss again. I just recently found this site and now my stash of floss will once again come into play. I love all the beautiful colors. It is like eye candy to me.

If you make a comment on one of my patterns, or you like one of them, I thank you.

I am having a good time viewing all the beautiful patterns, and all the wonderful arrangments of colors. You are all so talented. One day I hope to create some of the more inticate patterns. I am looking forward to learning from your talented works of art.

My name is Esther and I currently reside in Leland NC. I have 3 daughters and a son, and 3 granddaughters.

I have many birds here which include, African Grays, Quakers, a Sun Conure, a Senegal, a Hans McCaw, Parakeets, and my Molly, she is a Fischers Love Bird. I also have a sugar glider named Ginger. I kind of got adopted as their mom when I moved here with my boyfriend who was the owner of them before I met him.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and have a wonderful day.