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  • 3/24/10


Hey! :)
Well, if you're reading this, you've probably realized by now that you're on my page.
Congrats. ;)
............Feeling Creepy? (<-That's supposed to be a joke..)
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{{I love to write poetry, journal, sing, act on stage.
I play the guitar, piano, flute, trombone and drums.
I'm bisexual and a christian (Get lost if you have a problem with that. :P)
I live for the moments that stop time all together.}}
A subtle beauty is a fight within,
grown from branches, caved and thin.
Sweetly raining by the sound,
our emotions pouring down.
Deep despair and selfless love,
dropped from heaven far above.
Whispered softly, "No more day."
To that one whisper, life I pay.
AnGeLs FiGhTiNg FoR
ThE rIgHt To StAy SiLeNt
GlIdInG, gLiDiNg, GlIdInG,
dEpThS oF mIsUnDeRsTaNdInG,
wHo Am I tO sAy
ThAt YoUr LoVe WaS wHaT mAkEs
ThEiR wInGs GlOw
WiTh EnVy....................