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  • 12/19/11


My name is Kate but you can call me Egao (it means 'Smile' in Japanese). I'm fourteen years old and I'm from Russia. Nice to meet you :)
My favourite music is Korean Pop (K-Pop), and favourite group is NU'EST. Also I listen to other genres of music because music is the most important. If a song is beautiful and it has some sense why I can't listen to it and like it? I just don't worry about language or sex of singers. So I'm interested in Asian culture in general. They are very different from people living in Europe or in America, and their culture is different, too. But it is very interesting to find out some new facts about Japanese or Chinese and their lifes.
What about making bracelets? I've been making them since 2008. I was taught in a summer camp, and since that moment I've never stopped doing it. "Bracelets are my way to make people happy". I've got six or seven bracelets which are mine and other bracelets were given to my friends, classmates, relatives, parents, brothers. I like making bracelets not for me but for other people.