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  • 11/18/11


Ravine. Currently 19.Punk. Nuts. I'm an Odd Soul. I skateboard. I play guitar. I write songs. I freaking LOVE music.

My life motto is to do what I can. In every situation whether hard or easy, I just do what I can.

Christians I've met so far :
Proud Christian , Crazycoltsfan, tyco88 , Sherlock, kenna_14, Coral_Cat17
CPanda , friendlikethat , Saint , simpleplan , Mellisa, PRAJITURICA, BlackIce32
Jbizzle , timeeat ,fieldhockey8 ,origami_peep, Robot_Rings, emma_jen
Koala_love , smogi ,M0CK1NGJ4Y,jamminjessie,Allous
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Nightingale , graciela (: ,cocacola1324, puddingtoe
Kitty101 , SwagHomeschool ,wallsbe, cvm2007
Wolveslover1 , Iheartsunny , imcrazy4kittehs, Karahe(Socair)
and Kallum :) , epichick1 (LOV3) , scamper112, Tay44
God is so cool :)

Tumblr: http://ravinesoddsoul.tumblr.com/
Music Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RavineMusic/videos
Twitter: @RavinesMusic
Instagram: ravine_adelaide
Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/ravinec (I just released my first home-recorded album!!)

I love doing swaps. So far I've swapped with:
Aksel, Odiiile, Talia07, ScruffyPup, Socair, Mehrr, and others from international swaps :)