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  • 10/13/11


Hey!!! My name is Askias, and I'm from
Germany, 21 years old and born in Berlin... Now I live on the Isle of Ruegen, it's the biggest isle of Germany...... If you're wondering of my profile pic.......
I'm a Cyber Gothic.....^^
My hobbies: making bracelets, reading books (Fantasy&Crime), drawing (mostly Manga), listening to music (mostly "Medival Rock" (in German Mittelalterrock), Metal& Electro) and of course not to forget.... My piercings, I love them,
Industrial&Rook in the right ear and 2 Helix&a Counch in the left.....<3
I learned making bracelets when I was 11 or so and did it until I was 14 or 15 and began it again when I was 17 and I love it........^^

My first tutorial:
Here you can find some empty normal and alpha patterns for printing.....^^

<center><a target="_blank" href="http://www.bizipic.de/" title="GB Pics - G?stebuch Bilder" alt="GB Pics - G?stebuch Bilder"><img src="http://www.bizipic.de/gb-pics/Gothic/03-gothic.jpg" border="0" title="GB Pics - G?stebuch Bilder" alt="GB Pics - G?stebuch Bilder" /></a>