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My name is Denise, I'm 38 years old and I live in Michigan with my wonderful ex-boyfriend/best friend Jeremy and our furry babies. (Coda- a 9 year old chocolate lab mix and Katana- a 10 year old black and white domestic shorthair (aka "tuxedo") cat.

I lost my job in 2012 due to health issues that came on suddenly in 2010 and steadily worsened. I was finally diagnosed with secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis in 2013 and also declared legally blind as well. I've been struggling to survive ever since. (Financially, anyway.)

I started making bracelets when I was 9 but I didn't really get into it again until summer 2011 when I was in the hospital and saw another patient passing the time by making one. When I got home I started browsing the internet for tutorials and patterns to refresh my memory. That's when I found this awesome website! I was very active on this site for quite a while (I was even a moderator at one point) but I've had a REALLY rough go of things these past few years and I pretty much just stopped doing anything and everything that I had ever enjoyed. I'm trying to work on that now though so I'm officially knotting again after a 4 year hiatus and I'm really excited about it!

I want to keep track of everyone I've received bracelets from, so I figured this is a good place! :-)
-Socair (private swap- 51509, 59449, 51785)
-k_marie (contest #7 prize- 41421)
-Tabbicat (swap... kinda LOL- 29111)
-TonyMarinara (private swap- 8487, 33672)
-just_knot_itXd (international swap- 495)
-Tabbicat (international swap- 43141)
-Odiiile (international swap of love- A52718)
-HarleyMama23 (international unfinished bracelet swap- 37580)
-Odiiile (private swap- 2130, 3252)
-Bugchick1238 (international unfinished bracelet swap- 5689)
-FriendlyStache (Halloween swap- A49213)
-Tuzyae (Halloween swap- 73958)
-xXRainbowVeins (Spring Fling swap- 68734)
-Katemarie (Spring Fling swap- A36617)
-SweetMeets (Christmas/Winter swap- 2)
-Sammoning (Christmas/Winter swap- 39116)
-Andreea_R (Christmas/Winter swap- A39186)