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  • 9/6/11


Hi I'm friendlikethat :)
My name comes from a song called "Friend Like That" by Hawk Nelson (ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS EVERR!!!)
I'm not the best at making bracelets, but I do enjoy making them. :)

I started making them when I was in like 3rd grade, which was over 15 years ago, but I didn't start making them again until I started working at an after school program recently.

I LOVE MUSIC and CONCERTS!! Haven't been to one in over a year, but I still love going if I can afford one :)
My fav bands are Hawk Nelson, Family Force 5, Newsboys (old), TobyMac, Switchfoot. I like many others, but this list could go ooonnnnn..... :P

I am also a christian :D I teach sunday school for my church. I teach 4th grade and I LOVE IT! It's challenging, but awesome.

Don't be afraid to send me a PM if you have questions or comments :)