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Hello people out there,
I'm Nimue (my actual name is Syl) and - as some of you know - I used to be very busy on here. Because of how my life has changed I have not been around here much in the last 8 years. But I thought it was time to have a look and maybe update some information, as I am about to publish a new website soon, together with my partner, macrame artist Peter The Knotter, which will finally feature all my tutorials (as well as new ones) in English. Peter is also currently working on a book, which may be very interesting for some of you, who want to explore the realm of macrame further.

So, have a look on here, every now and then, it should only be a few weeks from now on till we will post the first content to our website (I have written this on Dec 31st 2020): http://peterandsyl.co.uk

For all the German speakers there is still my old website:

which is also represented on Facebook:

Then there is also my deviantart account: http://nimuae.deviantart.com
We've got also a knotters-group there: http://bracelets-and-knots.deviantart.com (but it's not very busy anymore, as people have moved on to other platforms)

But, you can find me now also on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sylsknots

I hope knotting and exploring keeps you all safe and sane in these difficult times.
Lot's of love from the UK (I have moved there 3 years ago)!
Stay creative!