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  • 8/23/11


Hey guys! Sooo, my real name is Tereza, born in 1989 in my lovely hometown Prague (Czech Republic^^), I started knotting when I was like, mmm, 12 yrs old, but only a few months ago I found my passion for friendship bracelets once again and now I'm completely addicted!!! :D

MUSIC! it's my life! I can't go one day without it, seriously - if you take my mp3 away from me - I'LL DIE - literally!!! it's like the air I breath that I need to live on! In last 6 years, I listen mostly to Asian music - especially Korean! Other of my greatest hobbies - MANGA AND ANIME! :D

Also, I love LOVE to learn foreign languages, though I'm not all that good at it, it seems like my brain capacity is already overloaded and every tiny bit of new information of any kind takes ages to sink in, jeeeez O_______o but still, this annoying "handicap" of mine hasn't stopped me from trying to learn, well, English, obviously, lol - and Italian (have been studying it for 9 years), Spanish and most recently Russian....oh oh, and I can't forget to mention my eternal goal to get my hands on Korean^_~ yeah yeah, I know, even my friends call me crazy...but who cares, I definitely don't <3

Feel free to send me a PM if you want to chat or some advice =)
sooo, that'd be all, yup yup, bye!

BTW, you can check my online store: http://www.fler.cz/siraelis - well, it's mainly for people from Czech Republic and than also for those from EU, but you can at least check out other fields of my interest - mainly beaded handicrafts ;D