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Hey everybody, I'm Tiffany. I am 33 yrs old and a crafter by nature(don't let my age fool you, I will always be a Toys R Us kid!) . I have been making friendship bracelets since my teen years. I have grown to have a great passion for it. I work on my bracelets everyday. I also love making lanyards/ boondoggle, bead work, Perler Beads, cross-stitch, hemp jewelry, paper beads, Soda Tab Jewelry, Raibow Loom stuff, and a little bit of crochet from time to time. I enjoy learning new crafts whenever I can. Since moving back to Cali, I am now working at Michael's and getting a nice discount on all my floss :D.

I love hosting swaps <3 :D

I am a mother of three beautiful children, ages 5, 9 and 11, which are the highlights of my life :) I am a former SF Member for the USAF. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. Out of every job I have had that by far has to be the coolest. My favorite color is green, I love the beach. And miss it a lot since I moved to the desert, lol. I have a bad obsession with Wrestling, Legend of Zelda and Harley Davidson Motorcycles,as you can tell by my user name :D

If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :D I enjoy helping people whenever I can, seems to be one important part of life.

Here are some of my favorite websites:(not to mention this website :) )
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Crafty-Lady-on-Etsy/244878678858228(one of my Facebook pages)

Great tutorials for everyone :)
http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2667 (Knots used for bracelets)
http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=1953 (Bracelet Buckle)
http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=2091 (Alpha/Letter Patterns)
http://friendship-bracelets.net/tutorial.php?id=683 (How to add beads to a Bracelet)

People I have received bracelets from (swaps etc...) :
Kallum ~ #4443
Foz ~ #25227
Mariska ~A13551
FatNSassy ~ Beaded Dragon (Making Bracelets with a Beaded Loom Tutorial)
Etoile ~ #43510
Neese80 ~ #5210, #8351
TBSNBubblegum ~ #24489
Butterfinger ~ A40936
AutumnRane ~A39716
Acid ~ Mystery normal pattern (still looking for the number) My first swap bracelet :D
Vanlearrose122 ~ Chinese Staircase
Odiiile ~ #23878
xXRainbowVeins ~ #5015
#3164 ~ Maker unknown
2 candy stripe bracelets ~ Makers unknown
And 1 other bracelets that I am still looking for the pattern # and Maker (lol)