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  • 3/2/11


Hello! My name is Magikarp, and I'm a big Kingdom Hearts fan. I make friendship bracelets because, at least right now, they serve the same function as a tattoo would; a permanent (well, a very very very long lasting) symbol representing either an event, a person, part of myself, or any other thing one might want to show off and remember. The ones I currently wear are:

rainbow stripe; to symbolize happiness and a freedom with myself
fading blue Chinese staircase; simplicity (I'm thinking about removing it)
tri-color brown chevron; symbolizes nothing (it might get removed, too)
white and gray and glow in the dark complex ladder; nothing in particular
totem pole; nothing in particular (This might get removed as well)
red, orange, black, and glow in the dark zigzag; My friend, who I may never see again because he lives in Mexico, has a matching one
Hearts; Valentine's Day 2011, and what fun it was
blue, white, purple crazy one; a happy Ayyam-i-Ha celebration, 2011
Pink and gold diamondback; the first design I made myself. I'll upload the pattern later
American flag; I'm proud of my country, and this has been even more solidified living outside of it. yeah, the US has a boatload of problems, but I think I'm very fortunate to have been raised there.
Slytherin bordered chevron; what house I'd be sorted into in Harry Potter. And I'm nice! (good guys can go to slytherin, too!)
Fading random rug; meh, I needed to get rid of some string
Black zigzag; one of my Karate masters died recently. this is a mourning bracelet for him
Chinese Staircase, yellow fade; my favorite color!
black and white Nobody Symbol; this means a lot to me. one of my first patterns, a hobby I have, good friends I've met, my favorite game series, etc
Flower bracelet (it's in my faves.) A happy month of Fast, 2011
Small snitch bracelet: I'm a quidditch player at my Uni. I'm a seeker, and it is so much fun! These people are my family