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Hello, I'm charmed to meet you... :) (A lil humor there..)
My name is Carrie

I've learned a lot from this site and will continue to grow, thanks to those who summit patterns, without those it would be hard to know what one is capable of doing. :) I may be in my 40's but I'm a kid at heart. I've been making friendship bracelets for several years now and love making them......

As a courtesy to me and to other's on this site; PLEASE Do not steal photo's or patterns and use as your own, or for showing on personal facebook page(s) or any other social network media sites. Like many who have accounts here, I to have contributed a few patterns of my own and Like you I do use patterns from friendship-bracelet.net and myfbm.com sites. And I'm always respectful of there time and work that goes into there projects. If you want to use a photo or and idea, then please ask and if nothing else give proper credit on the work (photo being stolen).
**Please be respectful of your fellow crafters and ask before you take...**