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  • 12/12/09


for all of my bracelets check my dA page http://kibaboyro.deviantart.com/gallery/29830359

umm... SO my name is Cosmin (also called kiba)

I like: -> watching anime: - my first and always favorite Naruto and Bleach;
- other anime i watched FullMetalAlchemist/Panic/Panic Fumofu:)), YuYuHakusho, Inuyasha, DeathNote, CodeGeass, and prolly other but i don't remember now:));
- recently viewed ones that i'm in total love with and advise every single anime lover to watch so...1st Clannad <3, 2nd Kanon <3, 3rd Angel Beats!<3, 4th Air <3, they're all made by the same company but the way they make the story is incredible, you will cry at each anime i said:)) and also Midori no Hibi which is pretty funny and interesting too^^;

-> sports nothing really to say here just that i DID alot of sports but i couldnt continue with them from personal reasons;

->animals...so basically i love mostly every animal on earth, except insects which grose me out, my fav animals are the Panda and little cute penguins:)) and all the other animals:D

->pc games: fan of MMORPG's, i played alot of mmorpg's and if u play too and see the character KibaBoyRO or somethig similar its me;)(KibaBoy/BoyKiba/RO);

-> love most arts and crafting activities like drawing, bracelet making, origami, i would love to learn knitting and wood carving, knitting might be possible in the future tho:D

-> and i LOVE absolutely everything about JAPAN!!! <3 ^.^

...so those were the hobbies, anything else? umm im 21 atm, and yeah i hope that one day there will be world peace between PEOPLE not COUNTRYES OR STATES, i realy dream of a day when all people will be nice or at least half of them, anythig else u want to know mail me: kiba_boy2007@yahoo.com