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  • 1/29/11


iLeya here!
My name comes from Star Trek (in the movie spelt Ilia) and iLeya is my real name :D, I love being creative, from photography to colouring little kids colouring pages and anything that has to do with string, embroidery bracelets, sewing, knitting. My life ambition is to become a photographer, finally have my camera all I need are models. My personal photographer name is posted on my newest pictures. Peridot Images.

I am 100% Canadian and thats why i type Colour instead of Color.
I have been living in Guelph, Ontario, Canada my whole life i don't see me leaving it (except for the odd trip here and there.)

Here's a little more about me:
I am married to my handsome hubby that I love so much. I have a healthy quickly growing family. In that family i have a mom and dad and 2 brothers, 3 sisters. I'm the youngest of 6 and the last to get married :D. I have 1 sister in law and 3 brothers in law. With them I also have been blessed with 16 nephews and nieces.

Nephews&Nieces (number indicates whos sibling is whos.):
(1) Wesley Braeden 02.14.09
(2) Hailey Janna 03.03.09
(1) Quynn Elyse 12.23.10
(2) Leland Arthur & Luke Benjamin 02.16.11
(3) Jillian Marie 06.21.11
(4) Landon Arthur 07.30.11
(3) Allison Adrianna 08.14.12
(1) Gavin James 03.07.13
(5) Jamie-Rae Jenneke 04.11.13
(4) Jonas Shawn 12.12.13
(4) Brett David 03.22.15
(5) Lorelai Janice 04.30.15
(3) Madison Lisanne 09.25.15
(1) Arianna Grace 10.20.15
(5) Violet Joy 09.05.16

I hope to travel to Ireland and all over Europe, I love helping those in need and enjoy going on mission trips. I am a Christian and believe that God is the Holy One over everything. He is our Almighty Creator Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

Psalm 139:14:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.