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  • 1/1/11


my name is muffin3, I'm a 13 year old girl from Austria :)
I started knotting when i was 10. I have to say, that not all of my patterns are on this site.
Thats because i never oploaded all of them and now they are soooo many..... That would be a lot of work to put them on this site ;)

I also absolutely LOVE music. I'm listening to so many styles of music. Mostely when i am knotting i listen to music, when I'm in the car i'm listening to music, when I am waiting for something or someone I'm listening to music, when I do my workout I'm listening to music,.... Yeah..
The styles of music i like are Heavy Metal (like Pantera, Mot?rhead, Volbeat, Godsmack....), Hard Rock (AC/DC, Helix,....), Punk (Green Day,...), Hip Hop or Rap ( Eminem, Cypress Hill, three six mafia, Roy jones,...), 50s Rock n Roll and Blues (Elvis, Janis Martin, Etta James, Muddy Waters,....) but also that stuff you hear on the Radio (like Usher, Rihanna,....)
If you have any questions about my patterns or about any thing else, just write me a message :)
Love and Peace,