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2018: Hello! I've been knotting friendship bracelets on and off for many years (even as far back as the 1980's, when I started knotting actually!). But sometimes it seems I am still learning LOL! Sort of getting back into it.
I have copied the text below from Sammoning, I think it is a wonderful idea!

~~~APAP supporter! ~~~ stands for: All Patterns a Picture/photo.
I think every pattern deserves a picture, simple as that.
No matter how old,simple,small,weird,big,new,complex,colorful,etc. they are. There's alot of photoless patterns around for every level of knotting experience, so everyone can join me on this quest!
Feel free to copy this text on your profile and spread the word for APAP :)
2020-2021 and on... I seem to have become almost obsessed with making APAP fb... I am a AMK (adult male knotter) lol, cheers!