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My youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRedikas/videos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redlineurte/?hl=en

Hi;) My name is Urte, i'm 31. I'm from Lithuania and I've finished Hydrometeorology studies (nature science) :), so making bracelets, something ornamented, inwrought is really close to me:) i made my first simple bracelet with changing colors in each diagonal line when i was 11 or 12, but it was always interesting to me how to make bracelet with ornament, inscription or a picture. and here (in this awesome website) i finally found out how to do that:)
so now i can't stop doing multi alpha bracelets:)

My inspiration: Foz, Nimue, Arismende, ViscumAlbum, Eric, tacobell105527, ririttt, Hans, Byhelen, Kleinevos, Kawaimi...

type of strings i use: http://friendship-bracelets.net/gallery.php?id=40890

"A world without string is chaos" :) Mousehunt movie

Swapped with:
1) ririttt
2) Geyn
3) International Halloween Swap (got my bracelet: Sammoning and just_knot_itXd. i've got Tuzyae, Alicat and just_knot_itXd bracelets)
4) rr145
5) International Christmas/Winter swap 2013 (got my bracelet:kayla_swagg, princess_5775, Andreea_R, just_knot_itXd, ... . i've got sportslover200, Andreea_R, xXRainbowVeins, just_knot_itXd, SweetMeets bracelets)
6) OvNi
7) SweetMeets
8) INTERNATIONAL CHRISTMAS/WINTER SWAP 2014 (i got AliceNana bracelet and Arismende bracelets, my bracelet went to: DelightBracelet and kleinevos)
9) International Spring Swap (i got AliceNana, Alicat and alymarie016 bracelets, my bracelets went to kleinevos, AliceNana and Cathy_3)
10) RAINBOW SUMMER Swap 2015 (i got Blacktulip, Taynaaa and Eric bracelets, my bracelets went to: Arismende, Sammoning and buddleia)
11) Teuntje1998
12) Mother earth international swap (i got kleinevos,Cathy_3,Lily_99 and Yvonne bracelets, my bracelets went to: Kamyk, Taynaaa and (Sierra22pink?))
Currently: 2016 CRAZY NEW YEAR'S PARTY SWAP (i've got TBSNBubblegum, buddleia, Iefjo and Celicia bracelets, my bracelets went to buddleia, Iefjo, Taynaaa and...)

Participation in the weekly contests:
Weekly Contest #26, Jan 4th - Jan 11th (Won!)
Weekly Contest #82, march 28th - april 4th
Weekly contest #83 - April 4th-friday April 11th (experiment)
Weekly Contest #84 -April 11-18th
Weekly Contest #98 - July 18th - July 25th
Weekly Contest #99 - July 25th -- August 1st (Won!)
Weekly Contest #100 - August 1st -- August 8th

Weekly contests and monthly challenges hosted by me:
Weekly Contest #139
Bi-Weekly Contest #145
Bi-Weekly Contest #148
Monthly Challenge #30 - December 2015
Bi-Weekly Contest #155
Bi-weekly Contest #161
Bi-weekly Contest #170

crazy and nice :D and original nicknames on this site:

bl: Fiddlet