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  • 9/7/10


i love doing friendship bracelets i have been doing crafts since i was 2 (that was wen i started beading) then i kind of got out of the craft kick until i was six at the park there was a craft thing every day and that got me back into craft again and then wen i was 10 i learned how to crochet and started learning how to knit knitting is really hard i still dont really have the hang of the most basic stitch
but at 11 i started doing friendship bracelets i have gotten pretty good at them i cant really do patterns with foreward backward knots or backward forward knots but i am pretty good at the other ones and i can do alpha patterns really pretty good most of my favourites are alpha patterns i love music scary movies reading being on computer writing drawing and of course friendship bracelets if you have any questions post it on one of my patterns or send me a privat message of wat you need to know and i will hhelp you to the best of my ablility and if i dont know wat you are talking about i will try to find out how