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  • 8/28/10


I live in Hungary. I've been making bracelets since 1997 - all began in a school where I saw a book in the school library (Echt coole Freundschaftsb?nder. Schritt-f?r- Schritt- Anleitungen - Sigrid Hennke / Marina Schories).

Instantly loved it, I've always loved Native American culture and such things. These little colorful straps has so many uses (I can make bookmark, belt, keychain, wall decoration, anklet etc.)!

Also like collecting large bunch of them - including new patterns.


I'm looking for a pattern maker that can make and handle symmetrical designs (some examples: bit.ly/1bfyNLJ | bit.ly/19fcuGb | bit.ly/1cT27dL ). If someone knows one please send a PM to me.