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  • 8/26/10


Hi! I'm Vladimeerkat and I first started tying bracelets when I was in 10th grade. I am now a college graduate with a BFA in Crafts, so I've come a long way!

My bracelet tying has been neglected the past few years, but recently I've been trying to rekindle the love and have been knotting "swatches" of many patterns I have been dying to try since I first joined. I hope to upload pictures of those to each pattern (if I can resize them all)!

I consider myself a novice at tying; I prefer patterns 12-16 strings wide and 4 colors or less, but I'm not afraid of the longer designs! I just have such a hard time staying organized with so many strings when the pattern is wide!
Widest pattern tied so far: 18 strings (#40483)

I love the 2 color patterns and try to choose more patterns with no photos; all patterns deserve to be tied!