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  • 2/1/22


H e L L o ! !

FaVoRiTe tHiNgS:

-AnD BrAcELeTs
-AnD MaYbE BiRtHdAyS

RaNdOm fAcTs aBoUt mE:
My fAvOrItE FoOd iS BlUeBeRrIeS
We hAvE TwO DoGs, A CaT AnD 12 cHiCkEnS
We hAvE A GrEeNhOuSe In cOnStRuCtIoN
My BiRtHdAy Is JuNe 4Th
I’M CaNaDiAn
I CaN SpEaK FrEnCh aNd eNgLiSh
I LoVe tO CrOcHeT
FaVoRiTe cOlOrS: oRaNgE, bLuE, aNd rEd

ThAt'S iT!! HaVe A gOoD dAy/NiGhT :)