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  • 5/19/19


Welcome here, I am STEM activities and programs developer. My love for bracelets came back in 2013 as my laptop broke and and had to wait 2 weeks to fix it. In that time I learnt how to make simple bracelets (strips and chevrons only) from my older sister who learnt it from a friend. At the start I only known how to make forward knots and tried to come up with creative ways to make different shapes with my bracelets. It was until 2017 or so that I came across this lovely website and started to learn more.

I usually do patterns that are 8 - 14 strings so if you have a nice pattern and you would like me to make and take a photo for message me and let me know :) (Got a personal goal of making 400 different bracelets in 2021 so this would help greatly)

Thank you for passing by and reading this :)