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FORMULAS TO FIND STRING LENGTH, for future reference:
VARIABLES: S = the length needed for one string in the pattern, in cm X = number of times string is used to tie Y = number of times string is tied over r = number of repetitions needed to achieve desired bracelet length L = desired bracelet length in cm

S= r[2(0.9X + 0.2Y)] + 15 <-- repeat for each string. It is multiplied by 2 because many patterns are symmetrical and only one half of the pattern needs to be counted to find the relevant information, and then multiplied by 2. If the pattern is asymmetrical, remove the 2 and use above formula for each individual string.

To find r, count the number of rows in the bracelet (the numbers along the side of each pattern), divide by 2 and multiply by 0.2, then divide L by this number; in other words, follow formula below:
r = L / (number of rows / 2 x 0.2)