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  • 11/9/16


My name is Zan and I'm 28-year old artist and crafter from Burlington, Vermont! Weaving is one of my many hobbies. I used to sell my weavings, but I find more joy in giving them awau for free or as gifts, so I closed my shop and now give my stuff away for free when I have them. My regular job is in banking.

I enjoy scifi, cyberpunk, anime, manga, cosplaying, video games, animals, baking, and crafting. I also have a bachelor's degree in business.

Although I have many hobbies, it can be hard to juggle all of them because I have a chronic illness. I rely on my personal willpower and my awesome support system consisting of my significant other, friends, and family to get by and stay as healthy as I can.

I hope you enjoy my patterns. I don't have much energy to create them constantly, but when I do I create them with love.

Thanks for reading!