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  • 7/25/10


Hey!! I am an OBSESSIVE bracelet maker and crazy for my gorgeous Belgian Warmblood, Ventus. I enjoy crafts and artwork, and have been working on charcoal drawings :D Check out Zink, my cute zebra!

I have a maltipoo named Roxie and a shepherd/lab mix named Sammy. I love them both so much! I also like to take old horseshoes and string beads through them to make pretty wall decorations. (it may sound tacky, but trust me, it really does look nice.)

Just a quick favor, if you have any questions on how to make a certain type of bracelet, please don't comment on other peoples' pictures or patterns. It drives me crazy :) Inbox them, or inbox me.

If you wanna chat or ask me anything about bracelets, I'd be more than happy to reply! XP happy knotting!